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Feeding a female a massive amount of chili and then proceed to have anal sex while she has diahrea.
"Dude Jared gave Mrs. Whitney a chili bowl last night!"

"Bro , I totally gave Robyn Gopaul a CB last night. "
by Mrballsinyourmouth October 15, 2011
Shit in a girl's pussy then proceed to eat her out.
i was in the mood for a bowl of chili so i asked my girlfriend if she wanted some chili too. she said yes so i gave her a chili bowl
by The El Tee October 20, 2009
When you perform a Alabama Hotpocket and proceed to fuck her in her pussy afterwards.
I suggested that my girlfriend take shower after I gave her an alabama hotpocket, but she said that she wasn't done, so I gave her a chili bowl.
by Sergey Sukovsky June 14, 2008
To shit in a girl's mouth and proceed to mouth fuck her.
I met this freak and she wanted me to give her a chili bowl.
by a do October 18, 2007
1. a football
2. any football game
"Hey Sean, did you see Andrew Luck throw that chili bowl in the chili bowl the other day?"
by The Chili Bandit January 18, 2012
When two people link assess and shit onto each other at the same time creating a huge mess for someone to eat. Hence...the chili bowl.
Jamie and Todd made a nasty chili bowl last night for Julie to eat.
by ToeFarts June 12, 2010
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