Not the Country, but the fruit which is commonly misspelled by everybody outside of New Mexico. Who simply think it of it as some a tomato based stew like dish with meat and beans. The name is derived from Nahuatl. The fruit and the name were borrowed by the Spanish Conquistadores when they settled in Mexico. Conquistadores later brought it to New Mexico where it is still grown to this day, and is recognized as an intuition from Hatch to Espanola. In New Mexico chile comes in red or green.
Over the years "Red or green?" has become the unofficial state question, a question used to determine if somebody prefers red chile or green chile. Waiters often confuse tourists with this question, and an explanation is usually necessary. For those unsure which delicious version to choose, there is another popular option is known as “Christmas”. Christmas means that a dish can contain both of the tantalizing varieties.
It is the backbone of New Mexican food which is an assortment of wonderful dishes that have been bastardized by outsiders and even some local gringos with the name “Southwestern food”. So remember its chile not "chili", Bill Richardson has already fucked up our state almost beyond repair, we don’t need for public perception of our favorite food be ruined as well.
Customer: “I’ll have the shredded beef burrito smothered with chile and cheese, and a sopapilla on the side.”

Waitress: “Red or green?”

Customer: “Christmas!”
by McLovin505 May 03, 2008
Top Definition
a place where people talk a funny spanish.
chilean guy: ke lata la mina esa. anda mas jugosa
mexican guy: I think he is speaking spanish
by koalaaa August 14, 2007
A country that is so long and thin that people doesn't either know or belong to east or west, just north and south. For everyday practical purposes, people call east "the mountain" and west "the ocean".
Hot American girl asks a group of Chilean guys visiting the capital, Santiago: Where do you guys live?
Chilean 1: I live in the North.
Chilean 2: I live in the South.
American Girl: No one from east or west?
Chileans 1 and 2: ?????????
by Rufino Pincharratas July 20, 2011
A country that's expected to become the dominant republic of south america at the year 2010, when it becomes 200 years old.

Limits at north with Peru, at north-east with Bolivia, at east with Argentina, at the west with the pacific ocean.

The pacific ocean is now and will be in the future the main gate for south america to the asian economy, using the ports Valparaiso and San Antonio to send and receive products to/from asia and the rest of the world.

The climate is different in the country: at the north is the Atacama's Dessert (the most dry in the world, where the NASA tests the mars devices, nad where the main telescopy is set on)....the center of the country has a mediterranean climate, the south has a rainy, the austral a cold one...and the ice.
Who won the gold medal tennis in Athens 2004??

ehhmmm... CHILE!!!
by Sw0rD November 11, 2004
An urban pronunciation of "child". Is pronounced like Child but without the D at the end.
I know somebody payin' chile support for one of his kids.
by stop it loser July 14, 2009
Verb, to speak to someone in a condescending or patronizing manner. Derived from the noun "chile", an urbanization of the word "child."
A: But, honey-chile, I don' want you to put on the red light.
B: Don't you 'chile' me! I been walkin' these streets since you were in training pants!
by drthanos2 July 23, 2011
not pronounced like chilis.
a really great guy. loving, romantic. really cares for everyone, unless he doesn't like you. he treats his girlfriend like the most important person that has ever lived. to sum it all up, chiles is amazing. he also has a really big butt.
that guy is so amazing! i bet his name is chiles.
by pattywhack March 10, 2009
Latin slang for Dick .
Pablo:"Como anda el chile?" ( Hows the dick hangin'? )
Juan:"Mighty fine son, mighty fine!"
by nomamess December 15, 2010
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