A shit band that every metal n00b is in love with. If you can't backup what's so great about them, or even know the type of genre they supposedly play, chances are, the band is shit.
Metal n00b: OMG Children of Bodom are teh bestest band to ever happens to metal!

Metal Elitist: *Punches faggot to momentarily stun him and proceed to stab ears to a bloody pulp*
by I'llHurtYouBitch May 02, 2012
A very talented band, which would be much better with a coherent singer.
Did he just say he was going to eat my mom, or was he talking about flowers?
by The Dylan June 30, 2005
are shit. Did i mention they were shit, becuase they are.
"what do you think of children of bodom"

by max May 01, 2005

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