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yeah right , keep dreamim , you wish , nigga please
Jhena:i saw bow wow yesterday and he gave me his numba

Kelly:child boo
by lil' romeo's wifey December 22, 2005
A relaxed, laid back way of saying "no" sarcastically.
When some one asks you to jump onto a moving boat... you reply with. :"CHILD BOO!" :)
by abby liz June 01, 2005
Def....1. Showing disbelief.
Def....2. Showing Dislike.
Def 1 example:

Sally- Did you hear that Lisa is pregnant?!

Teresa- Child boo, no she isn't!

Def 2 example:

Mr. Westin- Ok class we have a pop quiz!

Deedrica- I didn't study! Child boo.
by Tman09 July 15, 2009
Whatever, Who Is You Talking To, I Ain't Studyin Yo Ass, Do It Then
Jeana: Sit Down Bitch Before You Get Yo Ass Beat, Bitch

Keles'A: Child Boo!
by Paxton November 13, 2004