To chill out in a relaxing style man!
"Wsup man?"
"Nothin man, just chilaxin man"
by Kyle Man August 12, 2003
a mix of chillin and and relaxin hoe was chilaxin with my money so i had to smack the bitch.

2. me and da crew was chilaxin at the crib
by datnigajcole January 24, 2005
I'm fucked up on some shit right now, but don't want to tell you what!
Friend calls:

ring ring: Hey, what's up?
me: nada, just chilaxin!
by chilaxin August 13, 2004
My word...To chill and relax...A word I use and me only
Me: Hey, wanna chilax at my house?
Friend: Sure, chilaxin sound fun
Me: Hey, only I can say chilax *smacks the bitch*
by Sean MickeyC February 12, 2006
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