a word derived from the words relax and chill, meaning don't sweat it, calm down, ect.
Dude, chilax getting a c on your mid term isn't that bad.
by sole elos January 24, 2009
relax and chill
dude we cant do this, its illegal
dude, just chilax
by str8upGe March 09, 2011
This is when someone is able to chill and relax at the same time.
A person can chilax in any situation that they are in, for example if a bomb is about to go off, the best action to take is to chilax!
by Hiran Parekh May 07, 2007
chilax-to just sit back and chill or relax, smoke a blunt
we stayed home all day to chilax!
by Jared, aka- fatman January 04, 2008
taking a chill pill
by Chrissy January 21, 2004
An word which derives from the socialism between multiple people who live in a black area of urban culture. To chilax is to chill-out and relax; both words essentially having the same meaning.
"Yo man, chilaxxx...your actin' like you got it all twisted up in the game"
by big dogg June 13, 2004

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