Sound made to represent disk scratching!
Comon in the beat boxing scene!
Chicky chicky REMIX!
by almighty josho May 12, 2005
Top Definition
Chique, hot, cool. A la mode.
The girl was chicky, all eyes looked on her as she entered the room.
by Nadia July 29, 2003
A very attractive girl, that once you look at her, you wont stop staring. Usually a girl most guys want to date because of her sophistication and looks. An extemely beautiful and sophisticated girl. A very Chicky girl, will have you staring at her just praising her beauty.
person 1: Man, u see that girl right there?

person 2: yea, what about her
Man, when she first came she was chicky, she's so sexy.
by DMVrunner April 21, 2011
Used to describe one's girlfriend or present female of interest.(whatever their relationship may be.)
"Hey man you want to go hang out at Kyle's, it's just him and chicky over there."
"Right on."


"What was chickys' name again, The one I was talking with the other night?"
"I dont know, you were talking to a lot of chickies last night broha.
by Jayokay September 26, 2007
When two people are meant to be together.
Person 1: Chestnut and Ricky got together.
Person 2: I knew they would. They're just chicky.
by IMeanDeFuck November 02, 2014
an awesome girl who is shorty's bff. together we rule da world.
"chicky, which part of the world should we conquer next?"
by shorty22 January 31, 2008
Charles Force
Chicky is the gangsta of O.C.
by Brittany October 08, 2003
A cool cat that is tough and pimps all the ladies..much better than a wizza or a gilly.
Wow! look out it's chicky..
he is so tough i wish i was him..then i would get the ladies
by red_fire_engine June 02, 2007
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