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a girl who thinks she can dress, and whenever she gets her hair dont its messed up and there nails are also ugly
project pat song chicken head
by tara March 17, 2005
Man with a small penis
Bob is a chicken head
by rosssa2 July 23, 2008
Phony ass, wack ass, gurls who do some of the stupidest things that a gurl can do, or a gurl out for the money
Man that chick Rachel is a chicken head
by Malcolm Redfield April 09, 2003
slutty gurls that think they are all that and open their legs to any cute boy
this one chicken heazd gave head to any boy that wanted it
by ivy February 20, 2004
Gurls that are truly phony and like 2 start unnecessary problems!
This gurl i know is a str8 chicken head.
by SB September 30, 2003
Gay Lifestyle definition: A women of class and virtue. Particularly Black women of exquisite looks, grace, and bearing. A great compliment.
She is not just a lady she is a chicken-head
by Oscar_deLaGrouch December 18, 2007