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A rhyme-arific and obnoxious way to respond to the obnoxious & ubiquitous question, "Guess What?" A much easier response than actually trying to guess the topic about to be brought up.
Inane Questioner: "Guess What?"
Clever You: "CHICKEN BUTT!"
Inane Questioner: "umm.. right..."

by Handsome Pete September 25, 2003
1191 325
Answer to the question Guess what? 1st in a series of Chicken questions used to amuse my 5 year old grand daughter by her Uncle Joey.

#1. Guess What?
answer Chicken butt

#2 Guess Where?
answer Chicken hair

#3 Guess Why?
answer Chicken thigh

#4 Guess Who?
answer Chicken pooh

#5 Guess the rest?
answer Chicken Breast
by GrannyBee October 12, 2008
456 208
A win or lose game. The questioner tries to catch the questionee off guard by asking "Guess what?" as if they really have news.
A: Guess What?
B: What?
A: Chicken Butt!
In the above senario person A wins the game, had person B said Chicken Butt in response they would have won the game and person A loses.
by Megpie November 22, 2007
303 161
Chickenbutt: The butt of a chicken or, a word used to make stupid children laugh.
Hey there little kid...guess what?.... Chickenbutt!! HA ha HA ha HA ha ha etc..
by Chaddfucious July 15, 2003
111 48
awesome nickname.. for an awesome person. doesn't mean a chickens butt..
Oh Hey chickenbutt
by iknowwhatyoudidlastsummer69 April 12, 2011
30 17
Chickenbutt is at term of endearment.
My boyfriend calls me Chickenbutt.
by Amber Hill January 15, 2008
51 43
1. A delicacy originating from Delaware that often appears in a silly children's joke circa 1985.
Child 1: Guess What?
Child 2: What?
Child 1: Chickenbutt! Six cents a piece, fried in grease!!
by Rhozee August 24, 2006
40 37