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alternative method of fornication.
it was her time of the month, so we decided to put it in the chicken eye.
by kenjo November 01, 2003
It's when you're trying to explain something to someone very patiently, methodically and slowly, how to do something and they're just staring silently back at you with open eyes, head just slightly tilted, and you know immediately that they don't understand a fucking thing you're talking about.
Hey Cisco, I was trying to tell that dumb beatch Ann at work yesterday how to set her VCR clock and make it stop blinking 12:00 AM and all I got was 'chicken eyes'!!
by Florida Sunshine November 13, 2009
Chicken eyes are also known as 'Eyes For Sex'. Horney eyes. Like when little dogs are given chicken and start to hump soft toys after. People often get chicken eyes after they have been drinking alcohol
Shes got the chicken eyes for him
by Tbang2468 April 07, 2011
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