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1) See punk. Someone whose a chicken but also a bitch obviously. Put together, it means an afraid person who still talks lots of shit.

2) Something really funny to call someone.
- Come here you little chicken bitch, say one more thing and I'll rip your nipples off!

- Yo momma is a chicken bitch
by Battlegroundz July 03, 2006
Adjective used to describe something radical.

Also used to define the movement of drinking and engaging in sexual intercourse as developed by
I slept for 15 hours after that bottle of rum. CHICKENBITCH!
by Davey ChickenBitch November 20, 2009
a bitch and a chicken
"so how was your weekend dorothy?"
"not so good... I dumped my boyfriend over email because i was too scared to do it to his face..."
"OMG you are such a chickenbitch Dorothy!!!"
"yeh.... i no........"
by chickenbitch November 26, 2008
One who gets fucked over by a chickenfucker
I am the head chickenfucker around here, now get to work you chickenbitch
by C. McDowell Jr. June 03, 2006
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