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sillicon breast enhancers placed outside of the body into the bra
nude bra. as said by bree in the big brother 4 house, australia
by roseloves August 02, 2004
The breast enhancement item that one T.Breman wears.

When the chicken fillets are on, the inner beast comes out.

lub ya style C_fill3tz.
x o x o
Yeh i think we all know the outcome of this story.

chicken fillets.
by jakelester April 08, 2010
When a male sticks his cock in sand and shoves it in a chicks pussy.
i was having sex with my girlfriend on the beach and i put my penis in the sand to chicken fillet her but she said there was noooo waayyyy.
by count croachula June 15, 2010
when a male pulls his ball bag over the top of his penis, resembling a chicken fillet, either with feathers or just been plucked.
dave. "look at my chicken fillet".
gav. "what a fuckin magnificant piece of poultry!"

by rotherham dave September 01, 2006
Devices used to enhance the appearance of your boobs. Usually sticky and unreliable with a firm feel.
"i like my friends unfake!"
"shes wearing chicken fillets"
"nunga nungas"
by cazza frazza vazza wazza June 11, 2009
A pale, fat bird who sunbathes on the beach. When she gets all sweaty from the heat she resembles a giant raw chicken fillet.
Errgh look at that sweaty chicken fillet spread out on the sand.
by MK'chenko July 06, 2006