Usually a summertime move, while having sex on a beach, the man busts a nut on his girl's face then procedes to grab her by the back of the head and shove her face in the sand and "breading" it like a chicken cutlet.
Mike was pissed at his girl for fucking his brother so after fucking her one last time on the beach, he gave her a chicken cutlet.
by Paulieg January 02, 2007
Noun: referring to an sexual act whereby a male is engaging in vaginal or anal sex with a female on a beach. After some period of time, the male removes his penis from the female's body, rubs it in the sand, and then places it back inside the female and continues sexual intercourse.
I was at the beach in Jersey once and gave this girl a chicken cutlet.
by Vance Broderick February 01, 2010
The name of a beach move for when a person rolls down toward the ocean, getting covered in sand, and then splashes into the water.
I find after too much drinking at the beach, doing a chicken cutlet is the only way to get into the water.
by Truth8978754 June 09, 2011
sex move

when u are having sex on the beach and the guy takes his penis out of the girl dips it in the sand then continues doing the girl.
"man my vagina is so ichy"
"well me and this guy were having sex and he gave me a chicken cutlete"
by Christopher S. November 20, 2005
When climax occurs, during a sexual encounter on a beach, spew onto your lover's face. Then, using the jazzed face as a "battered chicken cutlet", slam her face into the sand.
After my romance explosion on Pam's face I decided to give her a Chicken Cutlet before when washed off in the ocean. Dirsh.
by Kenny Powers March 29, 2009
after screwing a chick on the beach, dip your shlong in the sand and stick it back in...
by Anonymous May 21, 2003

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