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1. To be blisfully unaware of your surroundings, and then point them out at a later date, puzzled with their "sudden appearance".

2. To be blissfully unaware of the obvious.
Demoine: When did we get bushes out front?
Marcus: ...since forever. Wow, what a cheychey.

Snorty: Why is the road called Still Creek Drive?
Marcus: OMG LOLZ WHAT A CHEYCHEY!. Because it runs parallel to, and crosses, Still Creek!
by Beefy_T September 05, 2006
Having "blonde" moments even when you're not a natural blonde.
Snorty: I sat at my computer and hit the keyboard and mouse but nothing happened. Then 10 mins later, I realized that the computer was off.

Demoine: OMG Snorty, you're such a cheychey

Snorty: Even the new guy I don't talk to was laughing at me. Why do I even talk to you guys (hands up in the air)???
by quot September 04, 2006
1) clumsy lesbianic fipino girl 2) a person who makes typographical errors
Jon: cant even spell my own name
Sean: oh man, you just pulled a cheychey!!

Ed: man..what u did was kinda gay!
Pavel: yea, I'm such a cheychey
by Cheyanne August 29, 2006