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when two or more people chitchat,gossip,talk,shoot the brez,yak,one-to-one, heart-to-heart, tête-à-tête,

also, get through(chew)the tough parts(fat) of life.
yeah, yesterday when i was chewin the fat wit the class, they informed me he was cheatin like a rabbit at spring time.
by Mirt Hall January 16, 2008
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the worlds best tv show its a show that has millions ov sketches wi scottish people in it the best are : alan and bob,the painters,betty the slapper the lonesome shopkeeper, jack and victor the invisible boss nd the light house men
have you seen that bit on chewin the fat wi the ..........
by q May 07, 2005
just hanging out with no purpose. aint gotta have no plans, aint gotta jibber jabber, only gotta sit.
Yo bruhh, I was up at that Target the otha day fo' like four hours, just sippin on my icee, chewin the fat. I didnt buy nothin.
by SloppyJanice September 23, 2010

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