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After a girl gives you head and before she can swallow, quickly punch her in the tit. When she yelps from extreme pain, the baby gravy causes a gargle which sounds like chewbacca.
"dude, that girl last night pulled a chewcocka when i punched her in the tit."
by Jake S & Shaun C April 29, 2011
A hairy, homosexual man who loves to suck on dick.
Jon: Man Mark is a major Chewcocka, that hairy bastard chewed on my dick all night

Mark(in the background): Mmmhmmm

Adam: Damn you two are gross
by aBizzol'rd March 21, 2007
A very annoying, hairy, homosexual man that loves to suck on dick and make strange moaning sounds while doing so (resembling Chewbacca).
Jon: Man mark is quite the Chewcocka, that hairy bastard nibbled on my dick all night long and the only thing that kept me up was his groaning.

Mark (In Background): Grarf, Grarf

Jon: Listen to that nancy boy he's probably jacking his beanstalk as we speak.

Cam: You guys are disgusting
by aBizzol'rd March 22, 2007
Chewbacca's gay brother.
Chewbacca was so ashamed of his gay brother Chewcocka , that he disowned him and cut him off from the millions he made wile playing a prominent role in the Star Wars Saga.
by Stephanovitch January 12, 2009
When ones pubes have grown to a length where the hair is covering the penis
Dude i was so embarressed when i my pants fell down and everyone saw my chewcocka
by MegaMonsterMatt October 12, 2010