Slang, Loving nickname for writer Kenneth Che-tew Eng, self-proclaimed "God of the Universe." Also, young basement-dwelling, anti-social chronic masturbator
of all ilks. Typically found banging out half-baked Dungeons and Dragonsinspired wankfests and opuses to their own random theories of racial superiority for weekly magazines no person has actually read.
I ran into Chew Toy at the unemployment office today. He sends his hate.
by That Dez April 23, 2007
Top Definition
The person you have or will have carnal relations with, but never a serious relationship.
"Do you like my chew toy for the night? I met him on the dance floor..."
by Bobalicious Brown April 30, 2007
One step below a "friend with benefits". Chew toys are not necessarily dating or even seeing each other outside of their activitys. Chew toys may be met a work, school, or in any other arena.
Sara's chew toy is Jason...No word yet on whether or not they're dating, however...
by Kateling April 27, 2005
the thing a dog chews on, you dumbasses.
all the other people that wrote defenitions for "chew toy" are dumbasses.
by MikeTazer June 09, 2007
A Chew toy is when the girl,(or guy), bites on the scrotum and the ferociously shakes it around with their teeth while making growling noises.
"Oh man, my bag is all red and its bleeding a little, im gonna pass on the chew toy next time."
by Agent-Orange April 28, 2009
A chick worn out by a man . A girl who has been used and thrown away.
Poor girl , she's just gonna be tossed like every other chewtoy he's banged .
by Pollychromatic June 13, 2007
Balls. Friends of the spaniel.
Do you like the play with my spaniel's chew toys?
by Kiki April 09, 2005
A person(friend, SO, etc.) you enjoy to bite or nibble on (especially people with biting fetishes or furries), or a friend you tease with biting because the squirm away from it.
"I'm seeing a lot of marks... Have you been playing with your chew toy again?"
by Alphawerewolf June 10, 2007
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