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(of an actor) to deliver a bad or amateurish performance.
"in the final scene he was really chewing the scenery."
by Andrew Buntain May 13, 2003
In the acting profession, to over-act, ham it up
Instead of chewing the scenery as he has in other films, the actor delivered a subtle performance.
by Barb July 30, 2003
What people like Johnny Depp, Gary Oldman and William Shatner do for a living.
Lloyd: "Dude, did you see Gary Oldman in Dracula?"

Brett: "Yea, he didn't half chew the scenery. Almost as much as William Shatner in Star Trek."

Lloyd: "Or Johnny Depp in just about any of his films."
by Jilk O'Brie February 18, 2008