A ghetto place that starts with a 'C'
chatham, Il equals the chetto
by L. Blox June 05, 2007
Top Definition
a ghetto chinese person like Kevin Tran
a chinese person who acts ghetto like Kevin Tran
by Da K-Train July 29, 2004
Chinese Ghetto,
Bo Zhao
Bo is chetto, because he is ghetto.
by Marzweski October 06, 2005
A person who is a cross between chav and ghetto. Made famous by the hox 6 :)
The hox 6 were rolling down to the partyy like true chetto's
by Bradders14 April 19, 2010
Someone who is fucking cool as fuck.
Listens to bad ass metal that will make your orifices ooze with glee.
Someone who hella pwns you at everything you try to attempt in life.
Otherwise known as a Christina.
Hot chetto
Chetto is one bad mother fucker!
by christinabashin September 08, 2008
A combination of chunti and ghetto
She is so chetto
by Shmeft June 21, 2004
latin: the kick ass kids that hang out with the ghetto black kids; ghetto chinese kids that despise paige
damn that chetto kid is totally fly
by allison August 10, 2004
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