An awkward australian beta faggot. One who claims to honour their family and friends but sells out them out for albutarax and a dollar.
Dave: Who deleted the Zyzz fan page?
Phil: I think it was some awkward beta phaggot.
Dave: What a Chestbrah!
by BALAKE December 16, 2012
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The older brother of famous zyzz!

Kumat me bro.
You mirin chest, brah ?
You mirin chestbrah ?
by Soon2BeAesthetic October 12, 2010
A bro with a medium sized chest who always sticks out his chest to show people that he is pumped!!
Yo dude!! Why does that guy over there keep on walking past here with his fake chestbrah!!
by Angostino October 31, 2015
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