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A forceful head-first lunge into the chest of unexpecting victim, invented by the great Zinedine Zidane and unveiled to the world in spectacular fashion during the 2006 World Cup Final in Germany.

Resulting in quiet satisfaction without the messiness of the more conventional head-butt.

Rewarded by a straight red card.
Antagonised on by a possible racial jibe, Zinedine Zidane thrust his balding head squarely into the chest of Italian defender Marco Materazzi, knocking him violently to the ground with a vicious chest-butt. Despite the legendary balance problems suffered by Italian football players, this was one for the ages with his target hitting the deck like a sack of potatoes.
by cormac breslin July 10, 2006
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A well apportioned set of boobs, pushed up with a good bra, that makes the female look like she's got a nice set of buns on her chest.
Check out the chest butt on that turbo
by Skip Leo May 11, 2012
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Another name for boobs if there is a crack in between. Resemblance of a butt. A compound word.
You have a nice chestbutt. I fluv your chest butt. Can I feel your chestbutt?
by Jarod "Streetrunner" Reisin August 09, 2007
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