Cat symbol on train.
I saw the chessie train go by!
by toodldo_4julie November 17, 2008
Top Definition
A tall, caucasian girl, usually very pretty. A girl who is surrounded by many friends, but only calls a few her best. Very smart, usually has very stupid best friends. Secretly hates many people around her. Gives great advice, although not many are smart enough to take it. Very polite, and dignified.
"oh, you're friends with chessie?"
by emdoc:) December 06, 2008
A truly unique person! Often looked up to and idolized. Great taste in clothing styles and music! Funny and entertaining without being mean to others. A great friend to others.
I know I can always depend on Chessie.
Chessie is so cool, I want to be more like her!
by toodldo_4julie November 17, 2008
A self loving dickhead that never thinks about anyone but them-self and always has sarcastic remarks to what you say

basically a knob
"Hey do you like Chessie?"

"No! Why the hell would I? She needs to get her head out of her arse."
by prooncadorusonwheels September 19, 2014
A girl who is naturally blonde, but often dyes her hair different colors. She is usually shy but has plenty of friends. She listens to great music, and plays guitar or bass. loves skinny jeans.
chessie is sooooo cool!
by thechessiecat June 30, 2010
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