A Fat or chubby guy with big rosy checks, looks like he has never shaved, with comionly with long hair. And with no facial hair. Even sometimes a woman
Look at the cherub. He's so (chubby).
by Cathoic-Assassian April 18, 2009
Little fat flying angels that have huge cankles and carry around huge legs of ham instead of harps.
"John says he's seeing cherubs"
by Mahes October 26, 2003
a cherub is a really good looking girl
Anna Kournikova is an absolute cherub!
by chris hume October 13, 2004
An adjective to describe a situation where the individual feels uncomfortable.
Fucking hell man I'm so cherub that she doesn't like me!
by Robin321 March 15, 2008
a nickname for a cute adorable sweet guy that you somewhat are falling for
that cherub guy is cute
by alohoooo May 18, 2016
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