When your going down on a girl that's a virgin and your fingering her at the same time and when you pop her cherry you keep downing down on her.
Stan:"Dude Matt, how'd it go with that chick last night?"
Matt:"After I got her a couple of wine coolers we headed to her place and there's nothing better at the end of night then some cherry pie."
Stan:"...sweet jesus."
by Stan Brown July 14, 2012
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a virgin's pussy
by Nate June 06, 2003
A virgin's vagina. Term originated from the song 'Sweet Cherry Pie' by the old band Warrant.
I want to eat a girl out tonight..but not a whore..I'm craving some cherry pie.
by kkkkate rocks it September 11, 2005
1. A baked good consisting mostly of a flaky crust and a sweet, cherry-flavored filling. Sometimes, a whipped topping will be added, but this is not always the case.

2. A virgin's vagina.
1. Oh Grandmother, you're cherry pie is sure to win 1st place at this year's baked goods competition.

2. So, I was fucking the shit outta this bitch right, and she starts screaming all loud and shit. She was all acting like it hurt. And I was like, "Shiiiit." I mean, I knew that pussy was tight, but I didn't think it was no cherry pie.
by Anonymous57 February 01, 2007
Term used to describe one having sex or having 'pulled'.
Cherry pie can also be abbreviated to cherry, which in turn can be used to describe a girl, or group of girls.

(Popularised by the British Channel 4 TV show Fresh Meat
JP: Did you get any cherry pie last night?
Kingsley: Yep me and Josie got it on.
JP: Lucky you, she's some nice cherry
by lolnosozlol October 14, 2011
"Cherry Pie," referring to the performing pf cunnilingus on (eating out) a virgin vagina goes at least as far back as the 1950s. The Doo Wop duo, Marvin and Johnny, sang a song called Cherry Pie in 1954; the lyrics are simple but riddled with sexual innuendo.
Cherry, nah-nah-nah cherry pie, whoa so good
Sugar, nah-nah-nah sugar plum, sweet as they come
Give me nah-nah-nah give me some cherry, cherry pie.

I'm going to my girlfriend's house to eat some Cherry Pie!

Little Jack Horner sat in the corner eating his girlfriend Mary's cherry pie.
by TheWizardofWackiness April 23, 2012
A virgin's vagina
Dude: hey man, what did you get up to last night?
Dude's friend: not much. Went to a club, had some cherry pie, went home.
by xeba March 28, 2011

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