the act of biting someone's rimp and making it bleed for sexual gratification
me and sylvia were going at it in the backdoor, and then her rimp popped out so I did a little cherrypicking.
by jlb December 20, 2004
Top Definition
1. Hang around the goal waiting for a pass. Someone who doesn't play defense.
2 Choosing to do the easiest task out of a group of tasks when given the chance.
1. That lazy bastard is cherry picking again, he never comes back to play defense.
2. That cherry picker took the easiest way out again.
by longhorn January 12, 2005
(also known as: suppressed evidence, fallacy of incomplete evidence, argument by selective observation, argument by half-truth, card stacking, fallacy of exclusion, ignoring the counter evidence, one-sided assessment, slanting, one-sidedness)

Description: When only select evidence is presented in order to persuade the audience to accept a position, and evidence that would go against the position is withheld. The stronger the withheld evidence, the more fallacious the argument.
My political candidate gives 10% of his income to the needy, goes to church every Sunday, and volunteers one day a week at a homeless shelter. Therefore, he is honest and morally straight.

Explanation: What information was left out of the example is that this same candidate gives 10% of his income to needy prostitutes in exchange for services, goes to the bar every Sunday after church (and sometimes before), and only works at the homeless shelter to get clients for his drug dealing business.

This is a prime example of cherry picking.
by Information Daily February 26, 2014
remaining on the offensive end of the court in basketball and waiting for a long pass to score easily. This techique leaves your team at a handicap.
Rome was cherrypicking all game.
by Uncle Bo Jangles February 27, 2006
the act of seducing and sleeping with sexually inexperienced males/females. this activity is popular amongst douchebags, skeezers, fuckboys, and brotherhood fraternities.
Bro #1: Hey bro, what's going on tonight?
Bro #2: Freshman orientation tonight. Let's go cherry picking, bro.
Bro #1: Riiiighteous, bro.
by A Trill Ninja May 28, 2015
Deactivating your unwieldy Facebook account, then returning under an assumed name and choosing just a few select people that are actually worth talking/listening to as your friends.
"I was worried about Bettina when she deactivated her Facebook account, but then I got a friend invite from a 'Count Chocula.' Turns out she was just cherry-picking!"
by Count Chocula36 April 14, 2010
When a group of males go out for a night on the town specifically looking for virgins.
G'day, Boys! Anyone down for some Cherry-Picking this evening?
by Judge Joody September 09, 2014
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