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a smoking hot female; female with a fine ass; beautiful curvaceous ass
Yo Athena, bring your cherry bomb self over to my crib so I can tap that ass
by Shorty Cox April 17, 2008
The most destructive move in four square... the person with the ball walks over to the other square with the ball in hand and bounces it as hard as possible. In order to keep the game going, the next person must catch the ball before it hits the ground.

Can only be done when ¨cherry bombs!¨ is called by the server.
-yo dawwwwg, that nigga in square three just got his shit shot by that hyphy cherry bomb

-for real, bra.
by July 22, 2006
A red explosive device the size of a large cherry used to

1. Make loud noise
2. Scare/Hurt people
3. Cause destrution

Any or all the above can come into affect and the most notible target is the Port-a-potty.
Jimy blew his penis off when he discharged a cherry bomb.
by J Coop June 24, 2005
A mixed drink consisting of Vodka and Red Bull
Yo man, Cool World is giving out Cherry Bomb's $2 a pop!
by Devon Wilson September 09, 2006
A cherry bomb is a type of firecracker that's explosion is half of that of an M-80.You can light up one of these and tie it to a brick and throw it into the ocean off the pier. When it blows up, it makes this huge explosion, making a bubble in the water. If there were any fish next to it when it blew up, you'd probably see them float up with it.
My dad liked blowing cherry bombs up in the water when he was a kid, but then those dumbass kids had to blow their hands up. I did'nt even get a chance to try them.
by Pincho October 13, 2005
a drug combination consisting of either LSD or psychedelic mushrooms and dextromethorphan.
took a cherry bomb, flew into space, met the space-gnomes, came back to earth feeling like superman.
by reddevilspal November 08, 2008
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