When a girl has sex on her period, and leaves blood on the sheets in the bed.
She was on her period. She cherry bombed me last night, and now I have to do my laundry.
by Daniellesmith November 30, 2012
The act of staining fabric (underwear, Sheets, Pants, ect) with period blood.
"Marie look, there's a one of Christys cherry bombed underwear hanging out of her clothes basket."

"Gracie totally cherry bombed the spare bed while she was fucking Kasey"
by DJ Toker September 20, 2011
The act of eating out a girl while she's on her period, then at climax she explodes in your face and it goes up your nose
Like someone trying to drink red faygo and other person pushes or squeeze it into your face and it gets all over your face and in your nose then having a cherry bomb go off in your nose or face
by unicorn meat September 12, 2013
1. A term for a firecracker.
2. In marbles, a way of scamming the other player by calling "Cherry Bombs" and dropping your marble on top of his.
3. A virgin shoving her open vagina in someone's face.
1. Someone cherry-bombed the toilets again!
2. Debbie cheated me out of a marble by calling "Cherry Bombs"!!.
3. OMG Sherry gave Bobby a Cherry Bomb!!!
by thedzone May 02, 2010
dropping ones naked vagina on another ones chest
that girl just cherry bombed me in a thong!
by woahhgirl April 30, 2010
ddr loving slutwhore
dude, don't be a cherrybomb
by dragondyne September 14, 2003
The loud gas one gets from eating too many cherries.
Randy needs to lay off the cherries. He just dropped a cherry bomb in the office.
by Cherry-Bomb July 05, 2011

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