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the sweetest name ever. like the fruit. an endangered species. should be treated with care. known to be super weird.
whats your name? cheri. what's your favorite fruit? cherry.
by watermelon January 29, 2008
274 92
a sexy girl that every guy wants to bang
"that girl is so cheri"
by cheri elizabeth December 09, 2005
431 206
The standard for the female species, a girl who is kind and beautiful but also spontanious and wild when the time is needed. Sherr-ee
Damn that girl Cheri is crazy as hell. She's a dime too.
by jdawg2121 August 05, 2010
139 48
A very funny, cute, lovable guy
That cheri...I sure do wanna pop his cherry
by Frederick Peterson III September 26, 2005
62 292