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A relatively common nickname attributed to the Hispanic name "Jose"
-- At times bearers of that alias consider it the most mexican nickname ever--
However the term is used solely by other close Hispanic friends and relatives (Few exceptions) Also, you hardly tell anyone at school your family calls you chepe.
Damm why the hell did my uncle nicknamed me Chepe, that's so freaking beaner and while we're at it why did they also name me Jose gawhhh!!
by JML2 August 20, 2010
a mixture of the words pinCHE and PEndejo. hence, chepe.
it's when someone is being a total dipshit.

you can emphasize the word by saying "chepenator" as well which is super ownage.
Juan: I graduated from high school.

David: You're a chepe, fool.

Juan: For real man!

David: Seriously, just stop man. You're being a chepenator.
by deltree January 09, 2008