A person who enjoys the recreational use of chemical (i.e. artificially-synthesized) drugs. Generally used in contrast with a herbalist, who rejects the use of chemicals and prefers to just smoke weed.
I've become such a chemist: I've taken ketamine every weekend since October and haven't smoked weed in two months!
by chemist_herbalist January 28, 2011
Top Definition
An often eccentric scientist who, for a reasonable price, will do good for the world. They are often found working late nights titrating random acids or working on a cure for cancer.

Antonyms. chemical engineer
Stupid person: chemistry sucks.
Chemist: but without it you would not have any synthetic fibers, plastics, or durable metals.
Stupid person: oic... I am stupid.
by Skeez Adams January 31, 2005
Someone who is incredibly good at chemistry. They create gases, experiment with substances and can balance chemical formulas.
Tyler is a chemist who knows everything and can help others understand how chemistry works.
by imahorsegirl August 20, 2012
A cocktail made by a bartender that includes gin, coke and lime juice. It was originally put together by a chemistry major, hence the name.
"Bartender, can I have a chemist please?"
by the47thwarrior June 01, 2012
drunk, innebriated, shit faced etc. someone who has consumed too much alcohol.
look at that ned, he's chemist
by phuckifano March 19, 2005
A druggist or pharmacist
The chemist is compounding a medicine for me to take.
by karolion June 08, 2016
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