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A cute girl, who is very smart. A Chelsi has swag. She is fly, crazy, fresh, ditzy, beautiful, gangster, barbie, diva, fun, irritating, badass, playertastic, indescribable; a Chelsi is a young lady who always looks her best. Not many can handle a Chelsi.
Damn, did you see Chelsi today?" "Yeah bruh, shes lookin fine as always and she has mad swagg."
by jtoml1994 June 25, 2011
A pretty girl that is a sexual dynamo and loves to please her man. She tends to over react, is loud, and is very happy but you can tell when she's sad/mad. This type of girl is very amusing but sometimes annoying, acts dumb, and has a strange mind.
Maaaan... that girl is such a chelsi
by Marie Chink August 22, 2008
bitch mothafuckin cock sucker. Who is known to keep her virginity her whole life.
Gabe; Aren't you still a virgin?
Kathlyn; yes.
Gabe; whatta Chelsi.
by footbart July 17, 2009
when a guys fucking a girl
he takes his dick
and sticks it in her ear
and jizzes in it
omg d00d i was giving sandra a chelsi
it felt so nice
by Ayo Michelle January 03, 2008