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1) empty, with an unlikelihood of being salvaged (adjective)

2) to make a colossal mistake, to ruin (verb)
1) " downed that entire bottle of wine. It is chelled."

2) "I cannot believe I just put gasoline into my truck's diesel tank"

"Dude, you just chelled your engine....!!!"
by bonnie_traid_in_boise December 29, 2009
14 22
shes one hot ass bitch! evry1 luvs her she sooo popular kwlest chik around
woah, dat chels is fine!
by FiTfUlLhAmLaD December 18, 2004
336 99
Short for NHL "National Hockey League"
mostly referred to as the video game
Trey- "Yo guy you wanna chel?"
Vinny T- "yeah guy yeah"
by HSM nelson March 05, 2010
210 53
the ultimate female enigma
i hate to love Chel and i love to hate her.
by anonymous-mouse October 14, 2004
70 52
An extremely curvy exotic girl from The Road to Eldorado (a dreamworks movie). She seduces Tulio. In one scene, she is giving him head when the High Priest walks in.
Guy: I watched the Road to Eldrado yesterday
Guy 2: Oh did you like it.
Guy: It was ok, but man I wish i had a girl like Chel. She was so hot!
by moviezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz December 26, 2010
30 25
ultimate gaming experience, preferably on Xbox360. better than girls.
That Chel experience was better than sex, and sex feels so good.
by TrevandClark March 11, 2011
22 26
an extremist architecture student at VT, commonly associated with yellow trace paper and sleep deprivation.
Chel, it's time to go to sleep.
by Erik April 11, 2004
19 29