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1. A complex DNA matchup found from consistent testing, combined with extreme amounts of radioactive cheeze, this species of Oryctolagus cuniculus (bunny) has a body of cheese. yet unknown to our earthly society, this mammal/hopping food is quite common on our sattlelite,teh moon. extrememly intelligent, very poised, and all powerful ruler of a variety of unknown species living on teh moon.
2. this title is also given to a very kewl person(usually named austin) and should never be defied on the subject of how kewlzorz teh cheez is...
I just love cheezbunnys~they're just so cute and cuddly and cheezy and kewlioz and just R teh 1337Z0|20Z and they liek rool teh WOORRRLLDD~!~~~!!!1!!uno!!!111111! ....ya
by austin (MASTA CHEEZE) March 20, 2004
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