A method of getting high whereby the user forces a male housecat to urinate in their face; the pheromones of the cat urine put the user in a euphoric state
"Want to go cheesing?"
by matthewf01 March 26, 2008
Verb. The use of cat urine excreted by male felines to define their territory as a psychedelic drug. Coined in the South Park episode "Major Boobage"
Sarah: "Bob can't keep from cheesing his brains out"

John: " I know, where does he get that many cats?"
by CZARofLA November 16, 2008
getting high off of cat piss

-originated from south park
"Kenny stop cheesing!"
by mattyou1234 March 28, 2008
To become high by way of snorting or sniffing cat piss. Cheesing can cause a psychedelic trip where the person cheesing visits a fantasyland where they get to fornicate with the boob princess. Trey Parker and Matt Stone discovered the miracle effects of cheesing.

To describe one who is high on cat urine.

Cheesing was the topic of episode 3 from season 12 of South Park titled "Major Boobage"
-Get the fuck out Kenny! Stop cheesing with Kitty-Kitty!
-I am cheesed out of my mind
-I will grab my pussy then we can go get cheesed.
by A Cheese Head March 26, 2008
The act of huffing male cat urine. From South Park.
"Hey let's go cheese."

"Do you feel like cheesing?"

"I'm cheesing my f'ing brains out now."

by Don Felder March 26, 2008
Verb: To sniff or inhale cat urine straight from a cat, causing a crazy uphorcing experience, causing you to tripe massive balls. Said to be incredibly dangerous, and gets you unbelivebly high. May also cause you trip so badly that you will encounter a land of huge breats.
Called Cheesing because its FON to DUE
Shauny: Dude, what were you doing yesterday, I came over you were out of your mind!
Kevin: Woah man I was cheesing and was out of my fucking mind!
Shauny: Yo I got a cat at home, wanna go cheese?
Kevin: Word bro
by KanyeKnievel March 26, 2008
making excuses for stupid things
dokuro-chan stop cheesing, give me the mochi!
by Kawaiiskittles December 02, 2014
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