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(n.) a tease, one who taunts another with sexually suggestive phrases; one who does things in a sexual manner implying a closer bond then friendship. one who presents themselves to another in a flirtasious and suggestive way, possibly appearing homosexual or overly perverted while in the process of "cheeshing". also a verb; to cheesh

Geniously created my a Mz Samantha E. Trainor and Catherine J. Lewis
"If I were a lesbian I'd kiss you..."
-"Argh. Stoppit. You're such a cheesh"

"I know something fun we could do ^_~"
-"You're making me hard. Don't cheesh me"
by Maycall the Savior October 31, 2004
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Cheesh" can then be stretched to "Cheeeeaysh
If someone trips up / falls over..theyre a cheesh

If someone slap your drink out of your hand...theyre a cheesh
by hypemansage April 18, 2011

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