losers from Wisconsin
Those poor cheese heads watched the Packers choke again.
by G January 14, 2004
condition that occurs when an uncircumsized male fails to cleanse regularly under the foreskin; similar to a Packers fan.
If you are a fan of the Packers, you are a cheesehead that should be wiped clean.
by SteelCurtain2010 February 03, 2011
A fan of the Green Bay Packers - literally, one who wears a foam block of cheese on their head as a tribute to the Dairy production of the state of Wisconsin.
Wow, the Vikes beat the Pack again? Let's go back to Minnesota so we don't have to see a bunch of cheeseheads crying into their Millers.
by Drew Miller May 26, 2005
Someone who comes South to Illinois from Wisconsin and drives like a jackass at low speeds only to turn without a signal into the Culver's parking lot.
Why is this guy driving five under in the fastlane?

looks at license plate That's why! It's a cheesehead!
by lugarmac June 23, 2009
a heavy user of cocaine.....often injects into veins.
he's become such a cheesehead he hasn't slept in months.

she was a cheesehead in high school.
by CurvedMirror July 10, 2008
Typically, a Wisconsin resident who likes cheese and drink lots of beer. Can also be used to refer to Canadian metrosexuals who wear red shoes and hot pink shirts and drink lots of bitch drinks.
That Canadian guy who drives a Mini and lives in Snoqualmie Ridge is such a cheesehead.
by daneboy October 05, 2006
A word used to describe simple minded Wisconsinites who can't seem to realize the defects of their state.
Look at that cheese head rooting for the packers even though the bears clearly kicked their ass this year.
by Miss Pink18 September 19, 2006
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