When your testicles hang lower than your penis does.
"Geez matthew Sidoti has a cheesewagon"

"Did you see that cheesewagon?"
Man i have an itchy cheesewagon!"
by brett hurst August 08, 2004
Top Definition
A typical, yellow school bus.
We're going to school on the cheese wagon.
by Ivan da' Bear April 16, 2003
A 'Cheese Wagon' refers to a male who's scrotum hangs lower the penis itself.
Lucy: So how was he?
Anna: Awful! He was draggin' a cheese wagon

Mark: Damn its cold in here!
Kyle: Tell me about it! I'm rolling the cheese wagon!

Fran: Michael Angelo's David is so amazing..
by MasterofBates June 08, 2007
A yellow school bus.
A cheesewagon is a godawful thing. They should be abandonned after elementary school.
by soliloquy February 02, 2005
When a man's testibobbles hang lower than the penis. In other words an asian man's penis. Their penises are that short, it is inevitable for their ballios to hang lower.
Bobby: Ling, why don't you ever go for asian guys?

Ling Ling: Uh...you joking? I don't do my own kind! Don't you know all them brothers got Cheesewagons?
by Ling Ling Ang June 13, 2008
A cheesewagon is a term referring to that part of the human anatomy that exists south of the wrist. Yes, when a mans testicles are larger than his penis. One must need a wagon (scrotum) to accommodate such a vast amount of cheese (testicular fluids).
Kid 1:"That sloth kid has a cheesewagon."
Kid 2:"Jack Baker?"
Kid 1:"Yup."
by Charles Wagon April 24, 2008
The Cheesewagon, also known as the Cheezwagon, Chezewagon, etc. is a form of transportation, primarily to and from school during grades K-12. IE, the Schoolbus.
Kid 1: Hey, 2 kids got into a fight on the cheesewagon on the way to school.
Kid 2: Whoa!
by JATO457 May 20, 2011
someone who is corny, punny, rude etc.

shortend term: "wagon"
"chappy is SUCH a cheesewagon!!"

"what a wagon"
by cesiiii August 07, 2008

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