A common codeword for marijuana. Often used in the presence of authoritative figures to dismay any suspicions of consumption of marijuana.
"Wanna go halves on some cheese?"

"If there's one thing I enjoy more than any other, it's a good bit of cheese."
by jackcansingcsharp April 28, 2009
Idiot, Phyco/ Psychotic, Weirdo, Abnormal- In friendly way, Not an insult, Complement.

Oh my gosh, your such a cheese.

Stop being a cheese, you cheese!
by Stars Fire May 12, 2007
A word that is spelled C-H-E-E-S-E and is often put on Tacos
I like cheese on my bananas!
by Bob Fligerstaf May 07, 2006
He used the siege tan-hidden-under-the command center cheese.
by Badme January 07, 2003
sexual intercourse. (eye + ear=CHEESE)
I ate cheese the other day
by Jessica Jennifer ALbafer April 25, 2007
1. Gossip. Possibly derived from the spanish word chisme of the same meaning. Heard frequently around spanish-speaking areas of the U.S.
You were looking cozy with that guy last night... give me the cheese!
by Danai December 16, 2006
1. Something extra that you did not originally consider.
2. Trick out show stopper on your whip.
3. Spiff or extra commission from adding on extras not originally considered.
4. Something extra that was defiitely not planned because it just ain't right...might be really bad.
1. Hey you want some cheese with that?
2. I put the biggie size cheese electric gull wing doors on my whip ride so you can suffer the humiliation or just be an envious sucker.
3. Yeah, I popped the cheese on that pimp's whip with them bling wheels, spinners, tires and cleared me an extra grand in spiffs at the checkout.
4. I checked everything out but something isn't right because somebody cut the cheese cousin I can smell it.
by Somemos September 11, 2006
mmmmm, cheese ;-) Cheese is da bomb baby Who doesn't love cheese?
"Everything tastes better with cheese"
"The Chinese have no cheese"
"What do you call cheese that doesn't belong to you? -- Nacho cheese" 'cheesy' huh? HAHAHA
by PaintedButterfly December 05, 2005

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