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Athletic or Non Athletic People who don't understand cheerleading. Non Athletes are usually scarred by past events where cheerleaders picked on them at school for being a loser and now they stereotype all cheerleaders as bitches. or they are just jealous as are the other athletes who are cheerleader haters because they don't see how you can be an athlete and look beautiful at the same time, the haters look like cave women when they partake in sports and don't think its fair that cheerleaders get to were glitter and short skirts while they showcase fine athleticism.
Hater:"all cheerleaders are skanky whores that just yell up and down while distracting the team"
Joe:"What about that back tuck into a lib, tick tock to an arabesque double down, reload to a full,front tuck cradle they just did!!??"
Hater: "ummmmmm witchcraft?"
Joe: you're one of those cheerleader haters
by vannessa Phillips May 16, 2007
Someone who HATES and all cheerleaders. Someone sorta' like ME. Someone who wishes they'd just stop doing the stupid little cheers.
All of the cheerleader haters turned away so they wouldn't turn to stone.
"I hate her for turning to the light side. And by that I mean the side with all the pink fluffiness," one cheerleader hater muttered to her friend as their ex-best friend practiced for cheerleading. "How could she do this to us?"
by left_alone September 29, 2006
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