-an insult


It's pretty similar to the American word 'dork' or 'nerd'
I. E. a stupid or ridiculous person; jerk; nerd.

also adjectival version: "cheeny"

similar again to 'dorky' meaning stupid, inept, or unfashionable
If someone does something silly you could say:

"Oh, you cheen!"
"Stop being a cheen!"
or simply


"Stop being so cheeny!"
"That suit is so cheeny
by GingerJangles June 15, 2009
Top Definition
A word as a response to an insult, not to be used as an adjective! Can be signed with a point to the nose. Similar in some contexts to 'cheers' 'thanks' in a sarcastic tone etc.
" you are such a weed"

A second example, if attempting to pull in a nightclub and rejected.. say "cheen" point to the tip of your nose and walk away.

Not to be used for example if you just fell over and say
"I got cheened by the floor"
by big diego December 16, 2009
(N) A place to gamble, casino, resort, gaming establishment, vacation.
Person 1 -- "Hey Special, you want to make a run to the cheen, I'll drive."

Person 2 -- "You talking Jib Deuce or Christmas Party?"

Person 1 -- "Christmas cheen of course."

Person 2 -- "I'm down but I gotta grab a few hundy."
by ultraspecial January 13, 2007
A beautiful irish girl.
I saw that cheen walking down the street in a hot green dress.
by steener connoly August 06, 2006
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