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To describe complicated language which uses large intelligent words/vocabulary. Commonly used in asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.Applies to any language not just for those who have a limited fluency of the english language
Girl 1 : that picture is of such an explicit nature
Girl 2 : Explicit nature? whats that mean? Dont use such cheem words on me lah.
by Asian Girl October 03, 2006
Off-white substance created when cheese is boiled. Derivative of "cheese scum", it lacks flavour but takes on myriad other useful properties usually lacking in regular cheese.
"I can't believe you ate that cheem, you sick weirdo"

"I had a puncture this morning but fortunately I was able to patch the hole with a nice wad of cheem"

"Deep-pan, flame grilled, no anchovies, extra cheem. And make it quick this time, pedro"
by Pixelcult September 23, 2006
an urbanite long haired young male, usually of the "too-cool" nature. in most cases, the young man in question resembles Jim Morrisson of the Doors in some way; when said in a latin accent, the result is "cheem".

"oh, that bar sucked. it was nothing but cheems drinking PBR and talking about the new Justice EP."
by cheem dandy February 03, 2009
someone who would delight in mayo sandwiches complimented by a tall glass of milk, and loves all things plain.
sunburns easily, and wears aqua socks.
"What a cheem!"

by big girl hungry December 24, 2009
The off-white cheese like substance found under the foreskin of uncircumcised men.
I havent washed for 3 days and have serious cheem build up.
by William McMunted2 April 21, 2010
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