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nickname for a small baby or child, (male or female) with extremely cute, large cheeks.
1. "Look at those Cheeker Cheeks."

2. "What a cute little Cheeker."
by Brooke Lorraine October 23, 2006
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When you slowly tilt your body sideways, allowing a fart to escape your bum noiselessly while sitting on a chair.
Called the cheeker do the the uprising of your butt cheeks from the chair and into the air as you fart.
boy: Dude, I could tell that she was about to pull a cheeker when her body started to tilt sideways on her chair. I ran for it-girl farts stank!
by thamuzackfuhreak November 26, 2009
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Man I hate u, you cheeker ass nigga
by P Nwaneri August 31, 2005
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