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1. The fleshy protrusions on the inside of one's mouth that tend to get bitten off when you bite your cheek.

2. A cheek-nubbins kinda guy. The kind of guy who looks like he accidentally bites his cheek nubbins a lot.

3. The bumps in a person's cheeks that protrude outward while giving oral sex to a man.
1. The fleshy nubbins on the inside of one's cheeks (possibly outside as well, depending on the circumstances) see; superlative form.

2. You're such a cheek-nubbins kinda guy!

3. She was gagging so hard on that cock she had cheek nubbins coming out of the back of her neck!

4. Hey! It's all your fault! This gum you gave me made me bite my cheek nubbins!

5. masticulatory protuberance hindrances, cheek bumps, bulge, protuberance.
by Merakis August 17, 2010

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