Someone who smokes alot of pot but never ever has there own, therefore they are scavenging someone elses hard earned greens. Usually comes in late and asks the smoker to smoke him up(being the cheebahawk) Whining and begging is usually seen during this
"Hey smoke me up, Ill give you 2 bones"
"Come on dude, Ill give u 3 bones, and I'll smoke you up when I get buds"
by AM January 23, 2004
Top Definition
A person or persons who want to smoke up without contributing, sometimes begrudgingly permitted to do so, often sidling up or suddenly appearing, particularly at parties when circles begin to form.
"Here come the cheeba hawks."
"You mind if I cheeba hawk off of yall?"

--as heard on Dilated Peoples disc, Expansion Team
by Starving Lazarus April 16, 2007
Someone who never buys marijuana but always wants to smoke yours.
No you ain't having any of my joint you god damn cheeba hawk!
by buaan May 28, 2007
One who has the ability to sense the smoking of the herb from a distance and home in on the victim's circle. Upon infiltrating the smoking circle the cheebahawk will aim to procure a number of tokes from the victim.
Taken from Dilated Peoples - Dilated Junkies

Cheebahawk - "Yo, what up? What you guys doing? Thought I smelled something out here."
Victim - "You want a hit on it?"
Cheebahawk - "Yeah! I'd love one! That would be great"
by Lyrical Revolution May 10, 2005
a perosn who does cheeba and is a slut
"yo cheeba hawk come her and suck on this" said adam whille he and a cheeba hawk where stoned
by pappy October 09, 2004
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