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1. gold teeth. (pronounced "gode teef" or "gode teefs").
"grill" denoting the mouth, and "chedda'" or "cheddar" denoting gold, or other bling.
2. a mouth ridden with tartar build-up. "chedda'" denoting tartar, and "grill" denoting the mouth.
1. check out my wigger cousin, he is blingin' to the n'th degree, including a fine chedda grill.
2. check out the camp counsilor! awwww! he's got the filthiest chedda grill i've ever seen!
#cheddar grill #bling #bling bling #ice grill #snaggle tooth #grill #wigga #g
by dr. roland james nesbaum III November 03, 2005
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