A person in possession of both an abnormally prominent chin and forehead (CHin + forehEAD=Ched) The individual typically resembles an extraterrestrial life form, especially when combined with almond shaped eyes and/or wrap around sunglasses. The Ched's natural habitat is in the McDonald's kitchen, where he works to support a drug habit and/or pregnant underage girlfriend.
Mike: Dude, you could project a movie on that guy's forehead
Steve: Yeah his chin is shaped like an ice cream cone
Bob: Guys, he's a ched.
by john duffy October 16, 2005
Top Definition
this word can describe how u feel or can describe how something looks
Aye you see that girl over there, she look ched.

Hello how are you doing today, I'm ched
by davon stealer June 30, 2010

baseball pitch thrown with accelerated velocity; fastball
"Man, that pitcher is bringing it! He's throwing some serious ched!"
by BigBlue92 December 19, 2013
a nickname for police officers
"Watch your speed driving home tonight man, I hear the cheds are on the prowl."
by B Kramer January 18, 2008
The sound a sick shot in lax, soccer, etc. makes when it strikes the net. Usually only applies for top corner or top "ched" shots. The noise is most evident when the seam is hit on lax nets.
That shot was some fine ched
by Chedseeking April 26, 2011
A title given to a friend in lieu of bud, bro, brah, pal, son, dog, etc. Originating from the 17th century custom of referring to one's close personal acquaintances as "My dearest Chedwick".
"Yo Cheds, you seen Mikey around? I think he may have shit in my laundry hamper."
by BrobeansBaby January 05, 2012
a new chavvy term meaning 'cold'
nahhh, mate, its ched in here!
by B10nDi3 November 24, 2010
Someone who would sleep on a bed made out of multiple chairs
Did you see where Jake slept last night?" "What a ched.
by Tim Tebrow January 06, 2011

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