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a phrase used as a warning to be on the look out for someone or a group of people whom are going to attack you. Used mainly among prisoners and street hoods to instill fear in a rival gang member or person whom they dislike.
best check your neck son
by marc June 19, 2006
A warning that you are acting suspiciously like a redneck, and that with a little critical self-evaluation you might save yourself some embarrassment. For instance, if you have always been an alright guy but find yourself coming down with a NASCAR-watching habit and are voting for evangelical Republicans, it's high time to "check your neck."
You: "Supper tonight is o-possum with gravy and freedom fries. Praise Jesus."

Me: "'Freedom fries?' 'o-possum?' Uh, I think you need to check your neck there Bubba!"
by Carl Willis January 18, 2005
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