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Urban venacular used in the mid to late 70's by westside detroit gang members, It signifly a robbery attempt.
Check that Shit In.. Check in that coat,, killer. Check in the Hat,, Dogg... Check it In Flynn..
by Unknown DJ December 07, 2007
Computing: When you commit some computer programming code to a code repository. Technically incorrect and a confusion of the 2 computer SVN (SubVersioN) expressions "check out" (which makes a local copy of the code for modification) and "commit" (which places code and code changes in the repository making that and all previous versions available to other users)
Guy #1: My code is so awesome; the customer will want to have my babies.
Guy #2: Can't see that happening, but make sure you check it in anyway.
Guy #1: Code checked in. The turtle is happy.
Guy #2: Your code isn't the only thing that needs committing.
by Matthew1471 December 07, 2009
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