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Cheater pease is a derivative of the words peter, and cheese(peter cheese), which is the stuff that seeps out of the end of ones penis during sexual arousal, whether during self or assisted stimulation. Basically natural male lubrication that comes out silky smooth and ends up all crusty and shit, like those days when you wake up and your eye lid is stuck shut 'cause you've been dreamin heavy like a mug.
1. "I was whackin off on your moms face last night while she was asleep, and my cheater pease dripped into her eye, then when she woke up in the morning she couldn't open that sumbitch.", "Haha, that's sick doot!!one!!tilde"

2. Pornstar - "Lick the cheater pease off my cack you slutbag, that's right, you'sa badgirl!"
by Wicked-Wun June 21, 2006
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