CHEAP TRICK: The best rock-n-roll band America has ever produced.

CHEAP TRICK: A low-down, dirty, underhanded play to derive humor from another person's humuliation.

CHEAP TRICK: A john who stiffs a hooker.

CHEAP TRICK: A john who leaves a small tip for a hooker.

CHEAP TRICK: Truly America's Best and Most Under Rated Rock-N-Roll Band!
by Cheap Trick Fan 4 Life August 12, 2003
Top Definition
An awesome rock band from the 70's/80's that most kids under the age of 20 have never even heard of. They were originally punk rock but changed their sound with the album "Dream Police".

A lot of crappy bands like NOFX and AFI have done covers of their songs.
Au revoir, auf wiedersehen
You won’t see another morning
You won’t see another evening
Good night
Buenos noches o senor
Senorita see ya later
Buenos noches bye-bye
There are many here among us
You feel that life is a joke
And for you we sing this final song
For you there is no hope
Sayonara oh suicide hari kari
Kamikaze you won’t
See another evening
Bye-bye so long, farewell
See you later....suicide
by bgm July 23, 2004
The band that created the totally AWESOME song "I Want You to Want Me"
She told me about some local band that did a cover of "I Want You to Want Me" but it's nowhere near as good as Cheap Trick's! ... I LOVE that song!!!
by nicolean dynamite December 29, 2005
A gimmick that deceives the wits by using specious devices; perhaps catering to the stupidity or base desires of those falling prey to such a deception.
"That was a cheap trick you pulled on my last weekend!"
by Luddz September 20, 2015
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